We host events regularly with the hope of having a monthly event for you to attend and enjoy beer! You will find links to eventbrite tickets to all events coming up in the description of each event. Hope to see you soon!

Upcoming Events:

March 25th 10am: Babes Beerunch

Join us at CRAFT Beer Market downtown for a two course brunch paired with a flight of beer!

Tickets: Eventbrite


April 26th: Cookie and Beer Pairing 

We will be hanging out at Annex Ales for a unique event we are pretty sure hasn’t happened in Calgary before! Join us for an evening of Annex beer and cookies! More details to come and ticket availability!

Past Events:

January 28th 10am: Babes Beerunch

Once again a group of amazing ladies (44!) got together to drink beer, inspire and empower each other and to of course eat brunch. Heather from The Brewer’s Apprentice told her story and how she became to be in the beer industry. She left the group feeling like they can do anything (even if it is going to take hard work and some struggles). I would highly recommend heading in to Brewer’s Apprentice to say hi and get a growler filled from one of their 48 growler fill taps.

December 9th 10am: Babes Beerunch

CRAFT Beer Market Downtown hosted us for the second instalment of brunch with new lady friends, beer, and a fabulous two course brunch. Zoei from Ol’Beautiful Brewing spoke about the brewing process and the journey she took to a career in Craft Beer. She spoke about being a woman in the beer sector and some of the challenges that ladies face in any male dominated industry. If you get the chance, you should definitely check out their brews! They have a good variety for every palate. 🙂

November 5th 10am: BABES Beerunch


We’ve teamed up with CRAFT Beer Market 10th Ave to bring you a monthly brunch filled with women beer power! This was inaugural brunch and we had a great turnout of about fifty women! Christina from Zero Issue Brewing shared her story of being a woman in male dominated industries, becoming involved in the beer industry as well as spear heading her own businesses. Many laughs were had as we all empowered each other and enjoyed a delicious two course brunch!

November 17th 8pm-10pm: Beyond the Four

Joyce on 4th hosted us as we explored five beers where the brewers went beyond the four staples of a good beer (water, malt, hops and yeast). For a very long time beer was solely created using the flavours and aromas created by the use of different malt, hops and yeast strains, but with the explosion of craft beers you’ll see more and more breweries playing with new ingredients or old favourites (such as orange zest) to create new and exciting flavours. This evening was filled with great conversation, a bit of learning and of course beer drinking!

(I had so much fun, I forgot to take photos!)

August 27th 12pm-6pm: Barley Belt Tour

We started the afternoon at High Line Brewing taking the shuttle to Village, Annex, Banded Peak and finally Cold Garden Brewing Co. The event was a community effort put on by the members of the newly founded Barley Belt in Calgary’s Southwest to raise money for The United Way in Calgary, supporting local programs to reduce poverty, supporting youth and helping communities thrive in Calgary. There were live bands, food trucks, amazing beers and of course amazing people at each brewery. I am so excited to participate again next year!

August 17th 6pm-11pm: Casks for a Cause

For our August event we headed back to Village for their Casks for a Cause event with all proceeds from the cask going to The Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter.

The Cask was a tequila lime “Bulldog” and although I have never had a “bulldog” (Margarita with a beer in it), this cask beer tasted exactly as I would imagine one would (without the crushed ice). Overall it was a great night with great people.

May 28th 10am to 5pm: Home Brew Day!

A few of us ladies got together and brewed a Schwarzbier, or black beer, which is a german dark lager. They tend to have an opaque, black colour with hints of chocolate or coffee flavours, and are generally around 5% abv. Ours turned out quite a bit lighter, so is not true to style but it is delicious none the less. Because it is a lager style, we are still allowing it to lager cold (to lager means to store), but are excited to drink this beauty soon.


April 7th: Village Brewery Tour 70d1e9a96212437c8527518630187_small

Sixteen ladies got together socialized and learned about Village Brewing. Georgia who works in their tap room as well as helps during bottling and canning days toured us through the current offerings of beer and gave us an in depth look at their brewery operations. We laughed a lot, enjoyed six different beers and enjoyed learning about how Village decides what to name their beers, how to label their beers and of course what beers to brew! Village brewery really focuses on the community including supporting local artists showcasing a new artist in the taproom every month or so and collaborating with new/upcoming breweries. Village Brewery really has created a village around their beers and we were happy to be welcomed in for the evening.





March 8th: Little Boots Brew!

bbb-lightbg-highrezWe home-brewed an ancient honey ale (a dubbel style beer). We learned about the process of brewing beer with hands on home brew experience. We chatted beer and we sampled a selection of craft beer options. When we were all cleaned up from the brew day we headed downtown to Last Best for the after party hosted by Alberta Beer Girls. The night was filled with great networking, conversation and of course local craft beer!

December 8th 2016: Last Best Brewing tour and tasting.

Calgary BABES hosted our inaugural event at Last Best Brewing and Distilling. We had a great attendance of ten ladies. We got a tour of Last Best’s brewhouse and brewing process and tasted and learned about six different dark beers perfect to warm up from the winter weather outside. The six beers were a dark lager (Dirty Bird Lager), a porter (There will be Porter), a stout (Oatmeal Stout), an amber ale (Branchy Brew), an unoaked barley wine and an oaked barley wine. We were able to make a great contribution to the Salvation Army’s Christmas Toy Drive and all got to hang out with some awesome ladies while drinking delicious beers.